Friday, February 6, 2009

Mom's Birthday Apron

I went to my new favorite quilt shop the other day and saw a cute apron. The sample was done with a solid piece of darling retro kitchen fabric for the front. The pattern showed a pieced front with strips about 2.5" wide. It was cute too just really busy. So, I tried this. I sewed 4 fat quarters together then squared it up to about 27". With the trimmed edges I made the ties and neck strap. Then I cut a piece for the back the same as the front, 27" square, spread it out right side up, pinned the ties in place (make sure they are inside the front and back sandwich) and then put the front right side down on top. You can pin it some more and then using about .5" seam sew around the outside leaving a hole about 6-8 inches to turn. Turn right side out and press. Then try it on to make sure the ties are how you want them. Top stitch around making sure the opening looks nice. Then fold down the corner between the neck straps, so that your face won't be covered up, and press it down. Then you have a fun square apron. The fun part is that you can piece what ever front you want.I made this one for my mom for her birthday. She has plenty of aprons but I know that she likes them and really, what else can I get her. She took it with her on her trip to Quartzite so that if it got dirty she could turn it around.

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